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Dryers are indispensable in a modern home. They might not be the most sophisticated items in a house but they are incredibly useful when dealing with dirty clothes. They save time by wringing the moisture out of wet fabrics. You won’t have to hang them up and wait for hours to dry. Indeed, they’ll be good straight out of the dryer in most cases. Wear your shirts and pants right away if you want to. Iron them out if you like to look extra sharp. 

Unfortunately, there are cases when the dryer suddenly acts up and refuses to cooperate. This can lead to frustration. It will waste a lot of time in troubleshooting and drying clothes the hard way. If you want to solve the problem fast, then call for the professional technicians from Tunista Appliance Repair. We will help you get things back on track so that you can run the house as you normally would.

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Why Choose us to Repair your Dryer

While there are other repair companies out there, not all of them can provide a high level of service or affordable rates. Tunista Appliance Repair can give both of these and more. The shop is one of the most trusted names in Oahu. We have served and repaired countless homes across the years and we are eager to serve you as well.

Try out our services to see the difference. Others will make you wait for a long time before visiting your home and fixing your dryer. We make it a point to respect our customer’s time by responding to calls right away and solving the problem as soon as possible. You will be amazed with our speed and efficiency. 

We can do all these because our team of technicians are among the best in the business. They are authorized to conduct factory warranty repair so you can be sure that they have been pre-screened for skills and experience. Their competence results in quality workmanship that you can depend on. Once we fix your dryer, the issue is unlikely to recur. You can relax and do your chores with confidence.

How We Can Help

  1. Does Not Heat

Older models could only get moisture out through spinning and letting rotational forces do their work. Newer dryers have the additional ability to heat up the clothes. This reduces drying time while improving results. If your dryer does not heat up, then there may be something wrong with the power source or the heating element. 

  1. Runs But Doesn’t Get Clothes Dry

Sometimes dryers will run without actually providing their promised results. You can hear them spinning and feel them moving inside. However, you get the clothes after the set time and find that they are still quite wet. 

  1. Makes Strange Noises/Vibrates

Dryers can also make strange noises that will make the household take notice. If you notice your unit acting in odd ways, then listen closely because the sounds can provide clues about the underlying issue.

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